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Re: Abramsí STAR TREK: TNG show coming?

The only motive for a TV series would be to capitalize on the movie series' success. So it has to be in the Abrams-verse, in the 23rd C.

It's doubtful that all the movie actors will opt to join a TV series, so the cast would most likely be new characters, perhaps introduced in the movies as tertiary characters. The movie characters would make cameo appearances to boost ratings.

The TV series would not stray too far from the familiar territory of Starfleet Going Boldly. No alien-perspective series, civilian series, far-future series or other exotica.

The series would be made by CBS but would not air there; totally the wrong demo. It might be licensed to NBC or Fox. Possibly it would end up on basic cable (Skiffy, TNT, AMC?)

Any show featuring other characters may as well be set in the prime-verse, because it would be a show about a crew doing stuff in space. Was a 'reboot' really needed for that?
It won't be in the prime-verse. They're gonna need Pine and Quinto to make guest cameos for the sake of the ratings. The whole point is to capitalize on the movies' success, so why would they fail to do the obvious thing?
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