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Re: Farscape rewatch

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I figured it was something like that. Just like Virginia Hey had to leave because of acting concerns/not wanting to be bald/makeup problems (it was one or all of those), and Tammy Morrisson also left to pursue a film career, IIRC.
Hey left because she was having an allergic reaction to the make-up. It was getting painful for her, and there was no way she could continue the role as a regular. She had already reduced her role significantly during season two, but the make-up was still taking its toll.

Had Goddard signed up to return as a regular for season five, out of curiosity?
I'm not sure. I'm willing to bet that a lot of that was up in the air when cancellation came down and it became a moot point. He was able to come back for the miniseries, though, and was also able to cut his hair, so it is possible.

Nope. He just vanishes. He does get a throwaway line explaining what happened when he comes back in season two - he's returning the pod the Moyans lent him to leave last time - though where he went, who knows! Well, right, he was busy most of this time setting up the ingenious plan for the S2 finale arc, but bear with me.
That's the line I was thinking of. Thanks for refreshing my memory, which is obviously failing far before I get to old age.

And I'll echo the endorsement of M'rk, son of Mogh for the comic series that's out now. The first hardcover, The Beginning of the End of the Beginning, hit the tone of the series perfectly (and dealt with the Hynerian thread leftover from the Peacekeeper Wars).
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