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I had never really seen a whole Zombie flick before this. Not even sure what got me to try this. I guess it just looked fun.

Boy was I right! Most fun I have had with a movie is ages. Not only that but the overall quality of the film was very good. I was very impressed with the staging of the action sequences at the amusement park. Most of all just a great cast of characters.

Liked this so much I going to have to check out some more Zombie movies.
I don't know if the rest would be worth your time, honestly. Just about every zombie film that I've seen starting with Night of The Living Dead are pretty much just the same movie told differently. You get a ragtag group of survivors who hold up in some building and have lots of character conflict with each other. Eventually the end of the film always gets really dark because someone fucks up and the zombies get in and brutally kill just about everyone. Combined with a lot of heavy-handed messages about how the zombies represent the socially downtrodden. Even Sean of The Dead and 28 Days Later follow this formula. Almost all zombie films are like this. You seen one, you seen them all.

This film breaks that formula. Because it's not really about zombies. It's about 4 really funny good guys kicking ass and cracking wise. The zombies are just there to give them something to kick the shit out of. The end isn't a last stand, but the hero rescuing the damsel in distress. And there's just something really funny about Little Miss Sunshine blowing away a bunch of mutant monsters and then trying to explain the complex nature of Hannah Montana to a Psychobilly hooligan.
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