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Re: Farscape rewatch

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My fundamental problem with "The Choice" is pretty much what I've already said: I don't care. I get Aeryn is having severe difficulty getting over Crichton, but I'm not. Yeah, yeah, you're sad, but there's a very much alive Crichton who's solving his personal problems using cartoons, can I watch him instead? That said I didn't find it too poor an episode and it was a pretty decent coda to the Talyn arc.
I guess it helps that Aeryn is my favorite character. I definitely cared about what she was going through.

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I also liked how Stark was hearing Zhaan and then went off to find her, and had there been a Season 5, I bet we would have learned more about that. As it is, I enjoy the mystery.
While we probably would have got resolution to this in a fifth season, as-is it was just a way to write Stark off the show. And if there's one thing Farscape didn't need to do, it was get rid of Stark. He was the last really good addition to the Farscape ensemble.
Yeah, but it's kind of his thing. He shows up...then he leaves...then he shows up again...then he leaves...

Hell, the first time he left they didn't even give us an explanation until the middle of Season 2!

I do love Stark, though. He's my second favorite character behind Aeryn.

Honestly, Crichton is probably #4 or #5 on my list.
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