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Re: Farscape rewatch

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And splitting Crichton was an astonishingly bold move - the original Crichton died, remember. How many shows kill off their lead character mid-stream (even if they also contrive to keep the actor and the character in some form)?
The bold move was splitting up the cast. Killing off the original Crichton by 'twinning' him was just the latest in a long line of oddball twists on sci-fi convention in the series' history - and both Chiana and D'Argo 'die' in that episode as well.

But making the show essentially two different but concurrent shows set on two different spaceships? Well, that was a little out there. The twinning of Crichton is simply a device to allow Ben Browder to be in two places at the same time and ensure that neither one is the 'fake'; they're even sort of coy in coming out and saying the old Crichton is dead, that's the obvious inferrence but the wording to describe the process is deliberately ambiguous.

Plotline most in need of follow-up: that frakken Nebari virus!
Frakken? Frell that dren, it's utterly farbot!

I still say the Hynerian plot. I want to see Hyneria! I want to see Rygel on the throne! I want to see his numerous wives - er... well look, I want to see that resolved.

It particularly bugs me as they hint at a resolution in the Peacekeeper Wars and then throw it away - would it have killed them to have one or two measly lines of dialogue at the end stating Rygel got his crown back offscreen?

Because while that's anticlimactic it is superior to the 'nothing' and pure cocktease I actually got. At least the Nebari plot had the dignity to be forgotten and stay as such.

Harvey wrote: View Post
Unlike, say, Jeremiah Crichton from season one.
Speak for yourself. Not defending that episode, but it's not excruiating to me like "Taking the Stone" is, which is just a painfully, painfully boring hour. I found that episode the most difficult to rewatch... and watch the first time, as I recall. Also, I like Rygel's scenes in "Jeremiah Crichton", but then, Rygel! Wooo!

Damn, I need a space opera. And not this 'West Wing in space' or 'western in space' stuff, either. Aliens and temporal anomalies and alternate universes and mind-bending galactic absurdities.

And maybe some puppets.
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