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Re: Farscape rewatch

Okay, okay, Chief O'Brien and Harry Kim weren't lead characters, and their deaths and subsequent replacements were never addressed after the episode...
Which is my point - a lead character being treated that way is a rarity. I was also amazed that both the copies survived for many episodes, another rarity. One of Farscape's best qualities was its willingness to subvert the usual way of doing things.

That level of honest reflection (and the ability to laugh and poke fun at ones mistakes) leaves me to hold the creative team behind the series in a much higher regard than, say, the producers behind the ever self-congratulatory commentary tracks of the Stargate franchise.
I've never listened to any commentary tracks for either show, but the Farscape team have about a million times more right to congratulate themselves on their creativity and daring (if not their coherence and discipline, which was often lacking ) than the stale hacks of Stargate.

Anyone know wassup with the S1 DVDs? Netflix has everything in stock but S1.
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