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And splitting Crichton was an astonishingly bold move - the original Crichton died, remember. How many shows kill off their lead character mid-stream (even if they also contrive to keep the actor and the character in some form)?
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager. Okay, okay, Chief O'Brien and Harry Kim weren't lead characters, and their deaths and subsequent replacements were never addressed after the episode...

It goes without saying that I love Farscape. It may not be the best space opera I have ever seen, but it is certainly my favorite. I recently (at long last) finished the fourth season, which I had literally put off watching for four years, and for the most part, I really enjoyed it. Not every episode is a home run, but Farscape always had a few clunkers per season. And dare I say it, but none of the clunkers in season four (or three) are unwatchable.

Unlike, say, Jeremiah Crichton from season one. But the producers and actors are in on the joke on that episode, too. The "When Good Shows Go Bad" commentary track they recorded for it for the Starburst Edition DVDs is nothing short of a MSTK-3000 job on the episode--and it's from the people who actually made it. That level of honest reflection (and the ability to laugh and poke fun at ones mistakes) leaves me to hold the creative team behind the series in a much higher regard than, say, the producers behind the ever self-congratulatory commentary tracks of the Stargate franchise.
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