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Re: Farscape rewatch

I miss Ben Browder on TV. Someone give him an interesting role on a good show!

Gotta disagree with AntonyF, tho. When Scorpy joined the fun, that's when the show made a leap from fun fluff to a truly memorable space opera with a unique character all its own.

And splitting Crichton was an astonishingly bold move - the original Crichton died, remember. How many shows kill off their lead character mid-stream (even if they also contrive to keep the actor and the character in some form)? Those two halves were new characters, neither the original. And the emotional fallout was extremely well handled.

Favorite character: Crichton, one of the best TV characters of all time.

Least favorite: Probably one of those disposable late-season additions like Shikozu or Granny.

Plotline most in need of follow-up: that frakken Nebari virus!

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