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Re: Farscape rewatch

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I see reviews on Amazon accusing it of being Puppets in Space, or Australian Puppets in Space. But that's like saying "Lost is American actors on an Island". If you're going to break the third wall, then you can't target Farscape when doing it.
It's even more ridiculous when one doesn't apply the same standard to Star Wars. With Yoda and especially the various denizens of Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi, they did puppets in space first. How is it we all buy Yoda so readily but many scoff at Rygel?

Anyway, I have a problem with some of the guest-star puppets, which vary in beleviability, and the puppet/actor hybrids, like the Scarrans (it's not until they're just actors-in-makeup aliens by S4 that they really work for me as a species).

However, the puppet-work for Rygel and Pilot was consistently top notch. The readiness I accepted them as people is quite startling and a testament to the people at the Henson company. It's the little details that are particularly notable - Pilot's furrowed brow, patiently listening to another madcap and likely suicidal plan, that sort of thing.

I've seen other people not like the Crichton death on Talyn, but I actually *do* buy into that. If you had a loved one, that you spent a lot of time with, and had special moments with.... they die and you could be told you could have a copy, and old backup if you will, it's not the same. It's not the person you had a connection with. Running into the arms of the other Crichton wouldn't be right.
I agree it makes dramatic sense for the characters, but it's something they care about which we don't. That's something of a disconnect for the audience.

I also think the show jumped the shark with that episode. I don't mean the show was crap after that, as the phrase has almost come to mean... but I take its literal sense: the tension dropped after that point, and never quite got to the same level again. And I do reiterate that Farscape was still good until the very end. It's all relative.
Eh. I still think the fourth end-of-season arc is plenty tense, but it's true the consistent tension that season three had is no longer present. Scorpius's schemes are an overarching concern of that entire year, and the business with Grayza and the Scarrans in S4 just shows up at the end to give us something to go out with a bang on. She's not half the persistent pursuer Scorpius or even Crais had been before her.

So yeah, I'd agree in terms of sweep and scope Farscape never got that driven again. Which only makes one wonder what a fifth season might (hopefully) have brought...
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