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Re: Farscape rewatch

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Anyway that's my incoherent rambling superimposed onto your thoughtful and insightful views. Enjoy!
Not at all! I did quick glimpses of thought to summarise (effectively) 92 episodes of TV.

And now a few random responses, as it's nice to talk about Farscape after watching it in seclusion these last few weeks.

You bring up things I didn't mention.. like the puppetry. I found Rygel/Pilot hard at first, when I first watched it (my first ever episode was Through The Looking Glass). Now I wouldn't have it any other way... I adore them. It's about suspension of belief. I see reviews on Amazon accusing it of being Puppets in Space, or Australian Puppets in Space. But that's like saying "Lost is American actors on an Island". If you're going to break the third wall, then you can't target Farscape when doing it.

I've seen other people not like the Crichton death on Talyn, but I actually *do* buy into that. If you had a loved one, that you spent a lot of time with, and had special moments with.... they die and you could be told you could have a copy, and old backup if you will, it's not the same. It's not the person you had a connection with. Running into the arms of the other Crichton wouldn't be right.

Also I like Graza... I like her cold style, but of course she'd never be as good as Scorpious etc.

I guess with into the Lions Den, the moment that got me was Crais and Talyn sacrificing themselves. As Crais was my favourite, but also I loved Talyn. I imagine many wouldn't be able to get into the emotional investment of a ship, but I do... hell I consider my car to have a personality and it has a name, so I think I'm okay with liking inanimate objects. But I adored both Crais and Talyn's arc, so when they sacrificed themselves it's the point that got me most emotionally.

And the whole scenes of the water, and slow mo, and Scorpious betrayed... and then we learnt Scorpious is a bastard, but not necessarily as bad as you think with the ensuing stories of his.

I also think the show jumped the shark with that episode. I don't mean the show was crap after that, as the phrase has almost come to mean... but I take its literal sense: the tension dropped after that point, and never quite got to the same level again. And I do reiterate that Farscape was still good until the very end. It's all relative.
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