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Re: Baxter the Fox Full Body Sketch


Okay, seriously though.
I try to follow the drawing guidelines but I can't seem to do them right. When I work with a drawing tutorial (Baxter's full body sketch in this case is based on the stance made in Kirin's tutorial), I try to follow the guidelines and the prep but I go way off track, so I zoom down to the finished project and look at how the arms and legs are proportioned, the stance and then I just draw it from that.

In further answer to Gep Malakai's question, I did start reading the book "Drawing with the right side of your brain". I got 3 pages in, where I realized where the book was going and it clicked. I'm still reading it, though. Some of the exercises require materials I just don't have, and since we have no art supply stores anywhere around here anymore (the one I thought we had ended up being long gone), I have to wait on finding certain materials on the Internet.

Anyhoo, I think I did the legs okay, and while the stance is a little off it doesn't bother me either. It's the head. The style of drawing for the head does not really match the style for the rest of the body, I don't think, but maybe it does. I'm not sure. I wanted to make the head a little more angular and blocky. Noses are the worst for me. I cannot get a nose right. I can draw human noses, but I can't get an animal nose right whatsoever. Dogs and foxes are the worst, even though they're the ones I want to draw the most.

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