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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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NEO f/x, do you have any recommended web sites or books for people who might want to do something similar to Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes?
Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. John Kricfalusi's blog is very enlightening!

I wasn't entirely clear with my original question. I'm very aware that I have much to learn about 2D animation. Having said that, I'm familiar as a very amateurish hobbyist with related areas, such as 3D animation, digital video editing, visual effects, audio editing, foley work, etc. I just want to dabble with 2D animation for now, but using some of the same tools that others have used in their projects. I am a licensed user of Adobe Creative Suite 4, including Photoshop, After Effects, Flash and other applications that, to this point, I've only used for the aforementioned activities. Does anyone have recommendations about how I might utilize these tools to make an animated short? Obviously I would start with something very simple.

In that case, since you have the Abode suite (which is what we use), you have all of the tools to do something. For us, it is create the base drawings and any of the moving parts of the character in Photoshop, put them together and animate them in AE for each 'scene', render out the scene, and then put it into a timeline with the other scenes to create a movie in Premiere.

If you are comfortable with Flash, you can take the AE step out and replace it with Flash animations.

I recommend starting with a simple story and character...maybe even a stick figure..that would be easy to animate. I would create a simply story board of the camera angles and the movement, Then move the character around in AE ...possibly making his mouth move (I can give you some tips on that as well).

Does that help at all?
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