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Farscape rewatch

I recently gave in to the urge to rewatch Farscape, and have blown through the entire four seasons and Peacekeeper Wars in just a few weeks.

I'm now in withdrawal... it's bad when any TV show goes, but one you watch in such a short space of time and up to 5 episodes a day (I'm unemployed, so sue me) leaves a gap.

Sometimes shows get better or worse with rewatch, and opinions can change (what was good isn't so much etc). Farscape for the most part held up well, and I still love that show to bits.

First things first: Ben Browder is sex on legs.

Now for my compilation of thoughts...

Season 1: Still possibly my favourite season. While I love all the high-octane stuff later, I do love the stories of the most of season one with just four cast members. There's something about it that I can't quite put my finger on... but it's just fresh, magical, great fun. To the point when Scorpy came along I was kinda sad. Don't get me wrong I love what was to come... but Farscape lost its innocence with the Aurora chair, and felt 'off' for a while after that.

Season 2: Started off a bit slow, and a bit 'off', and lacked some of the character of season one. But it gradually picked up over the course of the season. I don't think the 'Princess' Trilogy is all that, but it does continue to grow to the amazing episodes towards the end of season two. The whole final trilogy and season finale are just top class TV, and when Farscape firmly cemented itself as a confident sci-fi action series.

Season 3: I said I love season 1 most... maybe it's season 3. The split of Crichton felt contrived, almost like they wanted to split the two crews but couldn't have their leading man in one one place. Seeing an interview with David Kemper, I see that it was actually a reset switch for the romance. I think the split worked well, and gave great dynamics, but I always couldn't help but feel it was created because the writers needed to do it rather than it happening and leading to great stories. I love Talyn and his storyline, and love Crais... just love the whole growing arc over the season. And the final episodes of the season may be Farscape's best.

Season 4: I am surprised how poor I found this on this rewatch. It's okay, better than much TV, but it lost its soul and sparkle a lot. A lot of the great character interaction seemed to go. The John/Aeryn thing was pushing Clark/Lana levels. Pilot and Moya felt sidelined (and I've always felt them integral to the show). I don't think there was one fantastic episode. Kansas was fun, and the best of the season though. The final episodes felt a bit unimaginative, even if they were kicking off some great story elements. All in all, just not Farscape at its best this year.

Peacekeeper Wars: last time I watched it with a 18 month gap... this time I could watch it straight away. It showed so many bits that would have made a probably excellent fifth season, so is rather sad. But they packed a lot in, and it worked well. Just hated that Lani forgot how to do Pilot's voice!

Favourite episodes:
1) Liars, Guns and Money (trilogy)
2) Into the Lions Den (two parter)
3) The Way We Weren't (Shankar brought a very DS9 quality to this).

Worst episodes:
1) Taking the Stone (awful)
2) Scratch 'n' Sniff (I know what they tried to do, but it failed)
3) Meltdown (not awful, but I choose it only for Stark as a pilot... cringeworthy)

Favourite character:

Worst character:
Neranti (I wanted to airlock her so much with her damn dust slowing down so many stories, and ruining the What Was Lost two parter).

And finally...
I love 1812 more than words can say!
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