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Re: What do you think of the Destiny?

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I noticed they are now calling it simply "FTL" since it isn't hyperspace. I wonder about the specs on it now, like how fast it can go, what kind of FTL is it. Apparently it can travel pretty fast to get that far out there.
Actually, bear in mind that the ship has been out there for 100,000 (?) years. It might actually be an inferior, early form of FTL that "only" travels a few times faster than light. Over that span of time, a slower ship could have gotten that far, I figure.
(I might have the travel time to Pegasus wrong; this is from memory)

Destiny is definitely slower than hyperspace. The Pegasis galaxy is about 2.7 million LY away and I think they said it takes a week; that's 385,714 LY per day.

In the dialog of AIR they said they are "Several Billion" light years from home. assume several = 2; then to travel 2 billion LY in 100,000 years they'd need to average 20,000C; that is about 56 light years a day.

Oh; and I voted Yay.

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