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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Raven Class Imperial Heavy Cruiser
I.S.S. Raven's Blood

When Imperial Designers where coming up with the design for the Raven class Imperial Cruiser, they looked back to a design that serve the Empire with honor from over a century into the past. They decided to work with updating the Constitution class to fit with in the Terran Empire off today. They started with the same basic space frame, but upgraded the phaser capacity and Photon Torpedo availability. With the same basic size and warp capability of the Constitution class of the Past the Raven Class hopes to have the same durability and strength so that it will serve the Imperial Fleet for many years to come.

*Designers Note. Yes this is pretty much a kit bash of the Constitution Class and my Kestrel Class. I pretty much just swapped out the Nacelles, added phaser strips and a few life pods. Not very creative, but I kinda like how she turned out.

THe Raven's Blood was created in Adobe Illustrator CS3
Sean Tourangeau 2009

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