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Baxter the Fox Full Body Sketch

Sorry if this isn't the right forum. I'm not even sure if a forum exists for artwork, poetry and the like that isn't Star Trek related.

Anyhoo, many of you have seen my previous efforts at drawing. I'm still new at it and haven't drawn for over a year. Before that, not since Kindergarten.
Well, last night I decided to go all head on and draw a full body sketch of Baxter.

Here it is (taken with a camera so forgive the slight skewing of the image):

If you've never seen me draw before, here are my previous attempts:

This was the first sketch I ever drew, as of June of 2008.
Before this date, I had never drawn since Kindergarten:

I made a second attempt a short time later:

And then a third attempt:

After that, a year passed until I finally tried again, this time just going all out.

So, what do you think? I figure if I start actually practicing, I could get pretty good at this.


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