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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

^ That's a good one!

And I would like to throw in my opinion about the Titanic costume TrekkieMonster... I don't think it is in poor taste. Enough time has passed that you could get away with it. I also love the sick twist of wearing something like that on a cruise ship. There are rules for such things but I don't think they would apply here. It is kind of you to think about such things. I know some people who wouldn't.

(An example: About ten years ago the drag queens at this bar I used to frequent showed up as the dead stewardesses from a plane that had just recently crashed. They were practically booed off stage when they strolled out in their uniforms covered in blood, missing limbs and charred. The club ended up asking them all to leave. As they were being escorted out one of them wheeled around and screamed, "I don't know what your problem is, bitches. It was just a joke." Most of the bodies hadn't even been recovered yet and they thought people would find it funny? To have that lack of emotional empathy was shocking to say the least. That makes me wonder how many sick fraks are going to show up as Michael Jackson this year.)

And Shameless doesn't need encouragement with what to do with his udders. Let's move along people. Nothing to see here...
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