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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

TheBoo wrote: View Post
C'mon, that Titanic costume is brilliant! Do that!
That's what I'm sayin'.

ancientone51 wrote: View Post
TrekkieMonster go as Thurston Howell III...still a Gilligan theme, bit the snappiest dresser.
That is a great idea. But, I'm concerned no one would know who I was without my "Lovie".

UssGlenn wrote: View Post
Just finished finding all the pieces today. A friend of mine going as Jake.

That is brilliant!!!

Dementor2009 wrote: View Post
The engineering department in my place of work always hosts a Halloween office potluck/party every year, and it's so much fun! One time a group of people dressed up as characters from Gilligan's Island. Astrosmurf gave some great costume suggestions for same-sex couples. I would like to add the Lone Ranger and Tonto to the list.

I LOVE the Lone Ranger and Tonto idea!!!

I also came up with the UnderDog idea. Actually, that was an early idea because I happen to have a red "union suit" that I thought would be a good foundation (don't ask).

But, I was informed that there aren't a lot of people these days who would know who UnderDog is/was.

My heart wept more than a little bit with that.
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