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Re: More IDW comics

Christopher wrote
D.C. Fontana wrote IDW's Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment miniseries (which features TAS's Lt. Arex).
the mini-series is a sequel to "The Enterprise Incident"
which she wrote for TOS.

Captain Randy Hall wrote
If you like Dorothy Fontana, she wrote "Star Trek: Year 1, Part 2." or something like that. If you wonder whatever happened to Arex and the female Romulan commander, you'll find out here with pencilling by (IMHO) the best artist in the Trekiverse, Gordon Purcell.
Where can I find these? Are they very hard to find and expensive as collector items or fairly cheap?
I'm a comic book newbie and have never bought any comics except The Complete Comic collection on DVD-ROM.
Has D.C. Fontana done any other stories for comic books or graphic novels.

Do you guys have an opinion on what her best work is for comics ?
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