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just got the comic DVD-ROM to work today!

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You don't need to rely on the autorun feature to access the content of the disk.
Thanks. I borrowed a friend's laptop and the DVD-ROM ran fine. I hooked up an external drive and copies the entire data contents from the DVD-ROM.
I've checked out [skimmed really] some of the DC 1984 and 1989 stuff that was recommended.

I am also interested in checking out Marvel's Starfleet Academy series of 19 issues starting in December 1996 just to get a feel for what could be possible with a animated or live action series that was discussed in a few different threads on Future of Trek.
I know you guys did not recommend it but I'll give it a shot.

I really like that I can zoom in on the art & dialogue bubbles. If I had a larger computer monitor or two monitors it would be larger than comic book size.
Someone I read has hooked up his 50" plasma HDTV screen to his computer and was able to read these comics on that huge screen. talk about leisure reading from a couch or armchair!

I don't own a laptop but I can see that putting the entire DVD-ROM data on a USB 8GB flash drive would be some great reading material while traveling with a laptop out of town, or just about anywhere. Even with the new $350. minilaptops that run Windows XP and can display PDFs you can plug in a USB flash drive with the comic collection and take it with you.

After skimming some issues
I loved seeing the aliens in trek that may be bipeds but are not humanoids and could only be done on TAS due to makeup and costume budget and time restraints of a live-action TV series and the big wide vistas in these comics that just don't happen in Trek TV series and are only seen in the Trek movies.
So cool to be able to see more stories with all of the Trek TV series characters. Something for every Trek fan!
I like the TOS characters and VOY characters so I'll read those first and perhaps check out the TNG stuff for the stories about alien races & planets.

I already noticed some non-canon ships such as
Marvel Starfleet Academy November 1997 "Telepathy War part 1":
USS Sagan (NCC-75055)
which looked like Voyager or the new ship NCC-85527 Discovery Class from the new Star Trek Online game that was just announced in September.

Does anyone know of any comic issues on the disc with The Borg in them?
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