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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

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^ How about Bert and Ernie? If that doesn't float your boat (sorry for the pun) how about Batman and Robin (or The Joker) or Harry Potter and Dumbledore or a couple of nuns or Caesar and Brutus.

If you don't insist on going dresses as a pair, how about doing classic horror characters like Frankenstein and Dracula or the Mummy and Wolfman. And speaking of classic, how about characters from literature. One could do King Arthur and the other could go as Jay Gatsby or something like that.

I've been trying to get him to do Bert and Ernie for YEARS!!!!

I love the idea of the classic horror movie characters, but I think the accoutrements might be a bit much to pack with all the cruise paraphernalia. But, I VERY much appreciate the great suggestions.

Jay Gatsby, on the other hand .... That might be do-able!

I was also thinking of just wearing the tux I'll wear for formal night, augmented with a little "dead makeup" and an inflatable life ring with "Titanic" printed on it. But, I was told that probably wouldn't be appreciated on a cruise. Some people are still a bit sensitive, I guess.

Hmmm ..., although your post has got my mind thinking ..., I could do the same basic thing, add a cape and some fangs from a party store, maybe a "sash" of some kind, and be Dracula. That might just work!!! LOL! Except that, because I'm bald, I'd need a wig.
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