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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Multiple CGI models have been built of the Enterprise-D already.
This post discusses them and has pictures. This post has additional info without pictures.
If a TNG-R were to be done it is just much simpler to do all space exteriors in CGI. For the purists they can watch the original visual effects done with models mostly (in 480i standard def. unconverted to 1080P HD) with some branching feature on the Blu-ray.
This is all good and interesting information you are giving and makes me hopeful that TNG-R will become a reality soon. However, the Eden FX models would most certainly not be used in a remastering by CBS. This is unfortunate, but the same happened in the case of TOS-R, where Eden FX produced a far superior model of the original Enterprise for the ENT episode "In A Mirror, Darkly". Nonetheless, I'm quite prepared to accept CGI of lesser quality if that means we can have TNG in HD and I think thats the opinion of many.
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