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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

Fun thread. I must admit I've never been big on dressing up for Halloween in my adult life. The last time I did, I dressed as Jason from "Friday the 13th" to hand out candy to the kidlings ... and made so many of the cry I had to take off the costume.

But, this year we're going to be on a Caribbean cruise for Halloween, and we understand that they make a big deal of it on the ship and, for some reason, I'm really getting into it this year. But, I'm trying to think of something that'll be easy (and light weight) to pack and maybe, but not necessarily, has a "cruisey" or ocean theme. I had thought of going as Steve Irwin with the Stingray stinger sticking out of my chest ... but I was told that would be in "poor taste."

Poor taste? It's frickin' Halloween! I thought it was about poor taste.

The Hubby just got back from Oktoberfest in Munich and is going to wear his lederhosen and hat, and is a little miffed that I'm reluctant to don a wig and dirndl to match. St. Paulie Girl, I ain't.

Likewise, he didn't like my idea of dressing as Gilligan and The Skipper. I think that was mostly because we're both built more like The Skipper than Gilligan.

I'll post something once I figure it out.
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