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Re: What do you think of the Destiny?

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^ you know what, I am thinking it may be inferior, and you know what, it makes me think of the original Goa'uld FTL we saw at the end of SG-1 Season 1 when they gated aboard the Goa'uld ship and it entered FTL, if you recall, it had a similar shift in light that was noticable on board, plus, it was slow, only a few times the speed of light Teal'c said, this was before the Goa'uld somehow got Hyperspace speeds... So... maybe THIS form of FTL the Destiny uses is the same type of FTL the Goa'uld originally stole from Ancient technology!
I was thinking the same, that this is an older form of FTL tech. Not sure if the numbers work though - if it visited multiple galaxies, it would have be be trucking a lot faster than a few multiples of c, even if it has been traveling for 10,000 years.

As for the design, I dig it. Appropriately fiddly, a nice recognizable shape, and much more interesting looking than I imagined. It does look a little earth-like on the outside, in terms of design, but I chalk that up to its age; it comes from a different era of Ancient civilization, who's to say what the aesthetic of that era was like?

Anybody notice what appeared to be a sizable secondary vessel on the topside? It's visible on the dorsal side in the opening shot. At first I thought it was one of the shuttles, but it's shaped differently, and definitely seems larger. (thoughts of the Captain's Yacht spring to mind.)
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