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What do you think of the Destiny?

Yay or Nay?

Personally, I'm going for Yay right now. I kinda like it. At the beginning of the episode tonight they showed it coming in from a distance, and it looked very stealthy and slick. It is certainly a lot bigger than I thought it would be, seems like a lot of room to explore inside it. I also so hints of ancient Ancient design in it, like the design found on other ancient devices we have seen in the milky way galaxy from millions of years ago. Also, it appears the ship has a form of AI, it was able to know they were in trouble when he told them and found a planet and dialed it!

Apparently this ship is not the gate seeder ship, those ships (and there were several of them) were sent out ahead of this ship. I hope we get to see one, I want to see a Stargate manufactured and put on a planet.

I hope they lock down WHEN it was sent out though. From reading, it is supposed to be millions of years old. But in the episode they indicated thousands or hundreds of thousands of years. I hope this is just them guessing, and they will reveal more about it later.
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