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Re: Enterprise Art Screensaver (Free Download)

ChristopherPike wrote: View Post
Only just discovered these. I got curious about what those tags at the bottom of the page come up with...

Some great choices, Triskelion. I love several of those, particularly Reed plugging the hull leak from The Forgotten, T'Pol, Archer & Reed hero poses from North Star and the NX-01 leaving dock from Borderland. The watercolour look might not be to everyone's taste, but I got a great comic book vibe off them.

Mind if I borrow a few of these, crop them for personal use as avatars?
Thanks for the good feedback ChristopherPike. Feel free to manip at will! Yeah, that Reed/hull leak one is one of my faves too.

dubeau wrote: View Post
There are software that can make .scr files with a bunch of picture. I dunno if they are free or not, but you would have one download this way.
Cnet has a great free one called Irfanview that's really good for making screensavers. Since the files are so large perhaps people would prefer separate downloads.

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