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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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They have. Wikipedia it or try high def digest or tweaktown. There's a thread about it on this forum in 'movies'. Only ST2 was taken from the film. There's stills on the web. They look very sharp-edged, but lack detail, They're very clever fakes.

My bet is they're doing this with all the other movies they show on the HD channels.

They think we're stupid.
Well, somebody here is stupid.

Cheapjack, you keep trying to post this misinformation in Trekweb. It's just not true. The BDs were made from HD masters. They were just not scanned at the currently-used 4K resolution, and they have the old DVD DNR and EE applied. Understand?

Are you working for Paramount, or something? Try searching the web. There's a review in High Def Digest and there's information on wikipedia. Only ST2 was taken from film. All the rest are using a computer algorithm to fill in the dots. It's an estimation of what's there, not what's really there. It's a con, basically, as an upscaling player could do just the same. And DNR isn't very good, according to tweaktown.
OK. I went to and found the reviews for each of the original 6 movies. I browsed the PQ sections. Nowhere does that reviewer state that the movies were taken from DVD resolution masters. There is some hyperbole where he guesses that VI came from an old DVD master. However, the review for III clearly states: "Paramount has taken an older HD master (perhaps struck for the DVD or broadcast) and applied some digital tweaking to try to clean it up." Note that it's acknowledged that it's an HD master.

It's been acknowledged all along (including by me, in your "swizz" thread) that old HD masters, which had too much DNR applied, were used. That's not the same as DVD-resolution that's been upconverted. For years, they've been creating transfers of films at 2K, and the masters used (even for DVD) were at 1080 resolution.

Here's a thread which I found very authoritative:

I've always agreed w/ you that the BDs don't looks as good as they could. I'm objecting to your continued assertion that they were sourced from DVD-level masters and were upconverted.

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