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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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No one desperately WANTS the effects redone. That's simply not the point. The effects HAVE to be redone if HD of TNG is ever to become a reality.
Exactly. I personally think TNG's effects look fine. But that's not what's at stake here. Redoing them is compulsory if TNG were to be shown in HD. It is literally unavoidable. It is completely, indisputably, obviously, irrevocably impossible to make TNG in HD if you keep the existing effects. Because of that one dreaded word: videotape.
Actually, I'm not sure how correct I was with this assumption. On another board I read that the seperate elements that were used to compose the FX were filmed on 35mm film and merely assembeld into the actual FX on videotape. Now, in theory this could mean that these elements can be reasembled in HD, depending on how cost effective this would be compared to redoing all the FX with CGI. You can read the original source here: (this link was also posted earlier in this thread by jefferiestubes8).
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