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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

I love it tsq! The Mighty Minnie Mouse and your new "sailor" idea are fabulous.

This is me last year as a fairy. (A recycled costume due to time.) In the first one, my hair had collapsed. The second is a better shot of the make-up.

This is from the year before as Jekyll and Hyde.

Both were mostly made by my own two hands.

This year I am doing the Starfleet uniform from the new movie. I loved the costumes. And believe it or not, I have never done a Trek costume before so I thought why not. So I bought a large uniform shirt off Amazon and I am pulling it apart so I can use the fabric to make my own. I am going to finish the shoulder and neck seams off correctly, remove the screen-printed delta and toss the attached dickie. I am also going to line it and tailor it to my body. I bought a pair of pants that I am in the process of coloring and altering with some additional details to match the movie version. I purchased boots (that are as close as I could find to the movie version) and a mock turtleneck to go under the uniform top. I also ordered a gun belt (the same type used in the movie) and some belt keepers. And I bought the Playmates phaser/communicator play belt so I can use the holsters for my belt. The hardest part is the raised delta on the chest of the uniform top. If I can't get a hold of a real one by Halloween (they are working on releasing a metal pin like the one in the special edition BluRay set) I am going to make my own out of sheet styrene and finish it to look like brushed pewter. I still have a lot to do but I will post pictures as I finish things. I am so excited!
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