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Re: Why are the James Bond stories named the way they are?

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
The Spy Who Loved Me was a novel, though Bond's appearance in the book amounts to a short story-sized chunk of text. Fleming so disliked the book that when he sold the rights, he sold only the rights to the book's title, resulting in a movie that has absolutely nothing to do with the book.
Which seemed weird, that the filmmakers were legally forbidden from using any plot elements from the book, even ones they liked. (Although, IIRC, Jaws is loosely inspired by a villain in the book named Horror.)

Starkers wrote: View Post
Well Live and let Die is just a riff on Live and let Live.
Yes, but what does that phrase have to do with that particular story?

Quantum of Solace, lord knows how he came up with that!
"The Quantum of Solace"!
I don't know what that means.
What does it mean?
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