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Re: Lost SPOILERS Four-Toed Foot!

Tidbits from DarkUFO:

- I can confirm through 2 of my contacts that Desmond will indeed be part of the Season 6 Premiere. We hope to have more details on his appearance shortly.

- Yes, the bomb exploded. "Basically a bomb went off at the end of the last one and all bets are off," Garcia said. Adds Kim: "At the end of last season there was a big explosion." Of course, neither of them guaranteed that the bomb was Jughead, but we'll just assume it was to keep our heads from spinning.

- We haven't seen the last of Juliet. A well-placed source tells us Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays the tragic doctor, just flew back from shooting in Hawaii and that she may return there to shoot again.

- But we probably have seen the last of Libby. "It looks like we're probably not going to see Libby," Garcia says. "They'll probably deal with the story, but [actress Cynthia Watros, who plays Libby] may not be joining us."
Aw, I want some Libby!

Ian Somerhalder Interview

Thanks to Annie for the heads up of this interview with Ian Somerhalder in which he replies a few questions about his reapperance on Lost:

You recently took a trip to Hawaii to shoot Lost. How was it being back?
It was really nice to be back. It was very quick, and it was a lot of fun to see everyone, to be back on the set, and to see the island, even if it was just for a few hours.

Were you surprised to hear that Boone would be back on the show?
Initially, yes, I was surprised. And then I was thrilled and grateful to Damon [Lindelof], and I think it’s neat that they have a lot of people going back. It’s going to be a really powerful thing for the story. And it was very strange putting on wardrobe stuff that I’d worn literally five years ago.

Is there anything at all you can tell us about what to expect?
It is so secretive. I wouldn’t want to say something that jeopardizes in any way, shape, or form the secrecy and integrity of what they’re trying to keep off-the-radar. I think Damon would come after me with a machete.

Source: Full Article @ NYMAG

Episode Titles:

Episode 1&2 - LA X
Episode 3 - What Kate Does
Episode 4 - The Subsitute
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