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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

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I would love to know what MikeSussman has to say about this.
Oh crap! Why did you have to tell me that he's a member? Now I'm going to feel awkward in case he reads the thread and I'll have to rate all his episodes with 5 stars. And I'll have to drop the series of jokes I had planned about his mother.

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
I think Yug may be referring to epigenetics, which does indeed give a (limited) ability for acquired traits to be passed on to several generations of descendants.
Interesting, I never knew about that. I'll have to read up on it some time, but not tonight; I have less than 22 hours to select a thesis to work on, and I have absolutely no idea what I want to do.

(And if you see me posting on here later tonight, that's because I'm procrastinating.)

ProtoAvatar wrote: View Post
As I said, bad science: evolution is not encoded in the genome of a species. It is an adaptation to the environment. If the Menk show signs of increasing intelligence, etc, it's because they live in a specific environment (aka with the valakians) and are adapting to it.
That's one of the things which bugs me too, the Menk are advancing in their current environment and having the dominant species, a species closely linked to the Menk, die out would radically change their environment and hence their evolutionary course. Couple that with the fact that Phlox was criticising the humans earlier in the episode for believing that the Valakians were holding the Menk back whereas Phlox saw the Valakians as having a positive impact upon the Menk.

Certain breeds of dog are getting smarter because we're breeding them based on intelligence, but if humans died out then dogs would quite possibly be close behind us.

Yug wrote: View Post
Yup, but evolution does not intend anything, it's adaptation that wins the day.

Archer and his crew are in a rare position to intefere with that process or not.
Rare? I interfered with evolution today, I went to college and came home without dying. And if I should use what I learned today to help build a computer network in a hospital then I'll be interfering with evolution on a mass level. I also crashed into or squashed numerous insects with my car, hence affecting the evolution of their species. And by using this computer right now I am drawing power from a large coal-burning power-station, and I think we all know how the planet is being affected by that.

We drive evolution, it does not drive us. You can't not interfere with the process of evolution, even if you locked yourself away then your actions will still have removed yourself from the gene-pool.

But please don't make claims that they got it wrong, because you know what's right, because you don't.
No, I don't know what's right, but I have a much better idea of what's right than what was presented in the episode. What was presented in the episode was close to gibberish.

Not me, not the writers of the episode, not anyone could know the answers, that's the point.
A point based on a faulty interpretation of reality. If 2+2=5 then I could argue that 5/2=2. It is internally consistent, but that doesn't stop it from being factually wrong.
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