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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I only had half an eye on each game last night, but Arsenal looked pretty good. Liverpool on the other hand... wow. They had a very poor first half and paid the price. I just wish one of our teams losing in the CL meant something - they'll still progress I'm sure. They'll progress even quicker when Rafa realises, along with pretty much anyone else, that Lucas is not good enough.
Lucas was fine. He does the same thing Masch does but with more composure and less running around like a headless chicken. He wins the ball and plays it simple. He's not quite as good a tackler, but then few players are.

Aurelio shouldn't have been in midfield. I can understand why he was - to play the Alonso role in order to free up Gerrard to move forward in support of Torres - but he was overrun.

Fiorentina played well. They pinned back our fullbacks and exposed the centre halves. It still took two individual errors for them to score, and we dominated in the second half.

There's not a great deal you can read into the result.
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