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Re: Windows Vista Problems WITH Solutions

Problem solved as follows:

1. Vista installs conventionally using NTFS file system.
2. STNW was designed to run on win 95/98 architecture using FAT32 file system.
3. Saving any files wanted to external USB drive first, repartition you hard drive. To repartition go to "computer management (local)" then click "storage" then click "disk management" or just type "using disk managementin" in help menu and click link directly to it.
4. Delete your existing drive ...yes delete, so ensure step 3 is complete first!
5. Now create a new partition (D drive) and set its size to 4Gb (maximum FAT32 will operate in) and format using FAT32 option (from drop down menu);
6. Set the remaining partition to your main partition (C drive) using NFTS on which your VISTA or XP is installed and set as active partition.
7. FINALLY, install STNW onto the FAT32 partition (D drive).
8. Go to folder for STNW in D drive, right click the STNW exe file, set compatibility to WINDOWS 2000 and to run as administrator, new create short cut, place on desktop, and your in :-)

Any folks that this helps can buy me a pint next time your in Dublin!!!


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