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Man, this losing weight thing is tough. The workouts are going well, and I'm definitely getting more fit ... but geez, it's slow going. I've been hard at it for over a month and I haven't managed to lose 5 pounds yet.

I've been very good about the diet (eating every 3 hours, high protein, tons of veggies, no sugar other than fruit, and I've cut way back on alcohol). But even with three intense workouts a week (Turbulence Training - weights and interval training on the treadmill) plus another 2-3 extended cardio sessions (usually running or hiking) on the off days, it's just not coming off. It's pretty discouraging.

The only somewhat bad thing I'm doing is having a glass (occasionally two) of wine several times a week ... but I swear, if I have to cut that out altogether just to lose another pound I may decide to chuck the entire thing. I've never had this much trouble losing weight in my life! Getting old sucks.
It sounds like you're doing everything right. Keep it up. It's definitely possible that you've put on some muscle that you didn't have before, and muscle is heavier than fat.

In general, the mirror a much better judge than the scale. Do you look better? Are your clothes getting looser?
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