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Only a C+ for the Andorian Incident? I thought it was one of the first season's jewels. I agree that having the first meeting be a disaster was a great idea. I don't agree that having the Vulcans lie was a bad idea. It shows the Vulcans of this era are different guys then those of later eras, which is good, as TOS already explored Vulcan culture, giving Tuvok little to do on VOY.
One of my biggest issues with the deception on the part of the Vulcan's was that it was just overkill. Enterprise seemed to be trying way to hard too make the Vulcan's into asshats. This episode was just over the top with that. Hence the C+.

I consider it a good one, I guess, but I certainly liked the next episode better . . .


Series: Enterprise - Season One
Episode: “Breaking the Ice”
Trek Installment # 7
Grade: A -
Viewing Date: September 18, 2009

Best episode thus far. It didn’t try too hard, it wasn’t crazy, and it had some genuine heart to it. It’s an episode of small moments, each one of them great. Enterprise chasing a comet really takes this episode down to its scientific roots. Reed and Mayweather making snowmen (and a snow-Vulcan) on the comet was fun and even though I groaned a little when they stopped to look at the ice cracking, the comet adventure was enjoyable. I loved the scene where the crew answers questions from the elementary school.

Even the dinner scene, which would be rather groan-worthy, was nicely done because it made the Vulcan captain look like such a snob and Archer look like such a jerk. It didn’t quite come off as the normal Vulcan snobbery – this guy made it seem personal.

This episode – held together by the T’Pol/Koss subplot – is just the character-building adventure I needed to help wash the taste of some of the baddies out of my mouth.

The whole episode came off as "what happens on a regular day on board the Enterprise." Some nice characterization on all fronts -- notably Archer, T'Pol, and Trip. And on the Trip/T'Pol note, this definetly felt like the beginning of what would come later. A deeper sense of trust is present here, which only aids the dynamic between them.
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