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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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Well, that's why you shoot super35, to protect framing options.
The solution is framing with common top line.

Super 35 share a common top line with Super 1.85. This is an ultimate effort to protect the composition for all formats.

TOS-R was transferred to HD at 1.37:1 original aspect ratio for Blu-ray.
Outpost4 told us in 2007 that
In Japan, TOS-R is being broadcast in widescreen HDTV, cropped to 16:9
All the TOS-R new visual effects were rendered at 16:9 for the Japanese market.
for the XBOX 360 marketplace [worldwide] the TOS-R was cropped for 16:9 and sold as a download at 720p.
Trekmovie also posted on it.

It is possible that Paramount/CBS would feel for syndication purposes they should also do the same for any TNG-R products being sold in the Japanese market.
Otherwise it is additional time for rendering that is unnecessary as TNG-R would be sold as 4:3 image with pillarbox just like TOS-R on Blu-ray.
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