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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

^I know what a portmanteau is in the original sense, but it wasn't relevant to my response. I don't see why you'd assume I'm incapable of understanding your reference just because I didn't bother to quote it. Especially since you'd see, if you bothered to follow the link I provided, that the article in question overtly acknowledges that sense of the word and explains why Carroll used it as an analogy.

And I still don't understand why you'd think I was being bombastic for using a linguistic term in its proper definition. "Portmanteau word" is not a high-flown, pretentious substitute for a more routine technical term; it is the routine technical term. It's simply the correct word to use for that particular concept. I'm not aware of any other. I'm genuinely bewildered that you find it objectionable.

Anyway, can we get back on topic now? DEWLine, I wanted to remind you that the text describes Cleopatra's Needle as containing a "compact lounge" for the crew (see p. 125). I describe "the team" sitting in the lounge, implying it's able to hold at least half a dozen people. I don't see anything on your deck plans that could serve as a lounge.
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