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Re: Should There Be A Blu Ray Of The Animaited Series?

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check out Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" on blu-ray. The star of that show are the background elements. The detail in those backgrounds is astonishing. Even better is the sense of depth you get that you don't get in standard def. Whether you'd get a comprable sense of depth with TAS on blu-ray, I don't know. But I'd like to find out.

the backgrounds are detailed, textured, and colorful - and nearly leap off the screen at you like the best Blu-rays do. The multiplane backgrounds give a lovely 3D feel to the movie and textures such as on characters' clothing or that of even background objects is superb.
FROM THE review of the Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray

Sure you have a general background and then the actual cell animation of the characters but I do not believe the animation company for TAS Filmmation used Disney’s standard multiplane system.
the result being an illusion of depth by having several layers of artwork moving at different speeds - the further away from the camera, the slower the speed. The multiplane effect is sometimes referred to as a parallax process.
Watch this 1 minute video for how the multiplane glass levels work:

Will Paramount/CBS home video put out TAS in Blu-ray? Quite possibly before 2012 as it would require minimal work to remaster from the 35mm cut negative. Why do I mention that date because once they put out 4 seasons of Enterprise on Blu-ray they will be out of Trek TV to release unless they delve into doing a fan collective of TNG episodes in HD to release on Blu-ray.
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