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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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I was surprised to see Callum Blue here, but I thought he did well, I still can't shake his character from Dead Like Me though, I was waiting for him to drop a few F bombs lol
As much as I love Callum Blue, he is woefully miscast as Zod. I hope he grows into the role, but I don't think I can take him seriously as a villain.
This Zod may not actually BE a villain.

As I said in a prior post, this is a clone duplicate of Zod taken from before he became a villain. From the time when he was a war hero on Krypton. If and when he finds out about the original General Zod, about how he rebelled against the Science Council and was banished to the Phantom Zone and later escaped to possess Lex Luthor, caused Metropolis' "Dark Thursday" and later had his phantom essence destroyed, this Major Zod may be quite horrified himself. He may not be destined to walk the same path as the original Zod.
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