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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

"Every fool knows you need a contingency plan."

Tucker. Buffy. The Prom.

Of course, one has to be economic with the contingency plans or you'll have 12 Zod, or proZod factions all trying to control the earth at the same time. An orderly queue seems wise? like how soldiers used to march slowly in phlanaxes towards lines of musket fire and replace the guys in front of them that got shot. This lot, in the army fatigues, were not going to be tapped until the rut with Zods Kid doomsday had completely run it's course for fear of stepping on each others toes and and overzodding the world domination, that if either side won out that they didn't have to worry about more sleeper Zod contingency plans to take over earth and kill Kal El.

but who ever is responsible for these soldierboys cheated.

"It" bent the rules by using Tess as "their" agent to get rid of the drift wood and bump them to the head of the dogpile of Zod wannabes.

Not that Zod's missus turning up at the same time last year wasn't confusing or stepping on toes?
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