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Re: Crossovers that never happened but you wish would

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I dont think Doctor Who can really crossover with anything, but they could do a Whoverse Law&Order like they have done Eastenders.
Actually I think Doctor Who is probably the easiest show to crossover to another franchise. He would fit in anywhere.

Typically an episode of Doctor Who starts with the guest cast, and then about 5-10 minutes into the episode the Doctor and companion(s) show up for no reason. That format would work for anything.
in theory yes, but when you think about it, no.

think about it, all those very public alien invasions, when did that happen in the Law & Order time line? British society in the Whoverse (& most likely the whole of humanity) is very different in the Whoverse than it is in the real world, something that is not seen on Law & Order.
Perhaps. But remember that Law & Order gives us a very limited view of their world. We rarely ever see anything that doesn't directly deal with the case at hand. Even details about the characters' personal lives are rare & incidental. (For god sake, we didn't even know Serena Southerlyn was a lesbian until her final scene on the series!) So just because we don't see evidence of alien invasions on Law & Order doesn't mean they don't happen.

Also, on Doctor Who, it seems like every time one of these invasions happens, the people try very hard to forget about it the minute it's over and act like it never happened until the next invasion. (I suspect UNIT or Torchwood has access to a neuralizer from Men in Black.)

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JAG is owned by CBS Television Studios, while the Magnum character is owned by NBC Universal Television. Neither would agree to such a crossover, unless both shows were made by the same company.
It makes it less likely but not impossible. Although they are owned by the same company now, Homicide and Law & Order were owned by separate companies at the time their crossovers were made. A difference in production companies also didn't prevent John Munch's cameo on The X-Files.

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I wasn't asking for a crossover episode; I just want to see John Munch expand his links throughout the television cosmos. He's appeared on shows as varied as Homicide, Sesame Street, and Arrested Development.
When was he on Arrested Development?

The Sesame Street cameo was hilarious! You have not truly seen John Munch until you've seen him in Muppet form!

I guess this helps explain why he's barely on Law & Order: SVU any more. He's too busy making crossover appearances on every other TV show ever made! (Next I'm hoping to see him digitally inserted into a remastered episode of Bonanza.)

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Larry Niven's Kzinti appeared in Star Trek, but that doesn't mean that Niven's Known Space universe is part of the Star Trek universe. There are similarities, but there are also vast differences.
A fear of those 2 universes merging is one of the reasons why Gene Roddenberry decanonized The Animated Series.
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