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Re: A Star trek CGI series

a new real-time effects system dubbed The Beast. According to the filmmakers, this allows them to direct CG performances the same way they would live actors, and remove the need for actors to interact with placeholders for CG elements.
Night of the Living Dead remade in CGI as a 3-D CGI movie.

On the technological front, De Soto and partner Gus Malliarodaki will use their company, New Golden Digital to produce the special effects for the film
Will this possible to use for a weekly Trek CGI TV series? [not cinema style 3D]


Imagine a CGI show having the ability to use slow motion anytime to tell a story or for a flashback.
Move the camera to a different angle and use slow-motion.
For an explosion in live-action Trek that would be all but impossible. Even on a feature film if they run 6 cameras during an explosion that is it.
With CGI they can even add a camera move at any angle during a flashback to this event.

or how about a fightscene? A fistfight between a senior Trek ship officer and someone else.

Here is an example of great CG that I could see used for Trek.
Killzone 2 for PlayStation 3, 11 minutes video
[*simulated animated violence/videogame violence!]
I wonder how much it cost to make this?

The first half of this video has On-planet character action, space battles, closeup fighting and explosions.
The second half looks like in-game first-person playing

A Star Trek CG series can be done like this.

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