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Re: Bad news for V remake

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Seems like hiatuses cost viewers. Out of sight, out of mind.
Yet every single show has them between seasons and the viewers come back year after year.
Every show I watch (except for Dexter, but we can't all be Dexter) has a downward trajectory and the most noticeable drops correspond to the longest hiatuses. And I do pay attention to the ratings like a nervous mother hen for the bubble-y shows I like as though I can will them to go back up.

From what I can tell, nothing ever gains audience over time; everything loses audience; and the best you can hope for is that the hemmorhaging won't hit cancellation levels before the story has had a decent chance to play out. New shows have a high mortality rate and I hate to see something promising not given every possible advantage because so few new shows are even remotely interesting to me.
Maybe I was hasty about the second part of my statement though some shows seem to have a base that stays steady through its run.
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