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For streamed digital content to reach core audience

Xbox 360 is in an estimated 16 million U.S. homes, the PlayStation 3 is in 8 million, the Wii is in another 20 million or so, making gaming consoles the leading Internet-connected device already hooked up to TVs. They’re expected to hold that lead until 2013 when connected HDTVs overtake them, according to Futuresource Consulting.

Studios say that both Xbox and the PlayStation are a key driver of digital movie and TV episode sales after Apple iTunes.
For studios, game consoles offer another advantage over other living room devices: access to the hard-to-reach and harder-to-market-to core male 28-year-old videogamer demo.

Magnolia Entertainment’s sci-fi Mutant Chronicles turned out to be a big seller on VOD, largely thanks to the Xbox.
“When you do deliver a young male title to us, our success in that demo tends to end with us punching above our weight,” Xbox general manager of content acquisitions and strategies Ross Honey said.
This article brings it to the point of this thread.

Science Fiction is mostly a male audience. Everyone knows it.
That whole Defying Gravity show was an anomoly with ABC marketing it as "Grey's Anatomy in Space" in the US market.
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