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Re: Bad news for V remake

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As for V:The Second Generation ... it really is a terrible novel. The worst part, aside from the writing, characters and pacing, is that the plot is entirely unoriginal. Kenneth Johnson was so ticked off at the direction that V: The Final Battle was taking, that he left the project. But after twenty years to craft something definitive, his story was almost an exact duplicate of The Final Battle -- just on a slightly larger scope. Even the "new" characters were carbon copies of old characters.
So what do you think of the Zedti, by the way? Do you think they're really friends of humanity or just out to enslave them just like the Visitors did?
To be honest, by the end of the novel, I really didn't care one way or the other.

Though, my guess is that the Zedti cared much more about their own insectoid skin than humanity. They weren't out to subjugate humanity, but they'd have no problem obliterating us if they thought we posed any threat to their future (including the fact that the Visitors were subjugating humanity as part of their war effort). It's almost like how we view insects around our home. We leave them alone, unless they decide to creep inside. Then we use all manner of products to eliminate the pests.
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