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Re: Bad news for V remake

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It was a stupid idea to bring back the show in the first place.

I almost spat out my coffee when I read the OP's line, "the much anticipated...."

Anticipated by WHO?!?

Hell, I am anticipating SG:U, Dexter and many other shows. V was NOT one of them.

I'm anticipating it!!! And Dexter (tonight's the night! ) SG:U? eh....
Not sure why everyone is seeing this scheduling move as a totally ominous thing. It could end up being a brilliant move...
The TV programming environment is so brutal nowadays that any interruption in the schedule is harmful if not fatal. To do that to a show that won't get a chance to lock in an audience first either shows that ABC is trying to kill the show or has such unbounded faith in it that they think that the audience will bother to find it again on the other side of the Olympics. The former seems a whole lot more likely than the latter - what show is that good?

If they really are locked into showing something in Nov, the way they could salvage the situation is to re-air the first four eps after the Olympics, treat it as the launch for the whole series, and then if some Nov viewers are inclined to pay attention to schedules, they can jump in on the fifth episode. If this "strategy" is going to work, ABC needs to pump in more advertising post-Olympics.
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