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Re: Bad news for V remake

Actually , the report is correct, they are doing it based on the Olympics schedule.

It was always known that the show was starting later (so no surprise, its airing all the week's of November sweeps, then like almost every other show taking their winter break. Now for most shows this is about 6 weeks (some go 8 weeks) with the majority of January and December, showing reruns (though usually we get one full week in December and one full week in January of new episodes (thus the normal 6 week interruption).

Now the show was (because of its late production and late starting date) very unlikely to get a full 22 episodes this year, they just don't have enough lead time. So we were honestly looking really at best at 18 or so episodes. With a 13 episode order, they go hit November sweeps (hugely important), they don't want to start up for like 3 more episodes then have another break of over a month before starting up and going to the end of May Sweeps.

This allows them to hit November sweeps fully, the run a long stretch of episodes through most likely April and May.

Now I do agree that perhaps I would run it like Lost (and run all 13 episodes straight to end at the end of May sweeps), but they might feel like they need a large bump for November sweeps (Don't know how they feel the whole schedule is going to work out) and that it is worth the potential loss in audience with a break.
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