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Re: Bad news for V remake

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Not sure why everyone is seeing this scheduling move as a totally ominous thing. It could end up being a brilliant move...air four episodes in November, end with a cliffhanger, and then bring it back after the Olympics for a late mid-season run to finish out the 13 episodes. The promos I have seen look very promising. Just seems like a lot of negativity in the posts in this thread...we can't assume that this scheduling move represents a lack of faith on the part of ABC in this could work out well for the show.
But a brand new show hooking enough people after only four episodes to make them wanting more? They should take a look at Jericho as an example of how not to put new shows on extended hiatus.

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I thought it was an entirely new creative team behind this series?
That poster likes to make a lot of hit and run posts.
You like to make things up that you pull out of your ass, you must be a Republican.
Wow, way to defend yourself there with yet another nonsensical, out-of-nowhere, bitter, one-sentence hit and run post.
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