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Re: Smallville 9x01 "Savior" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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So, wait. Zod and Friends are clones? Was this established in the episode or is it just fan theory?

Also, is Metallo already Metallo? When Lois stomped on his foot, he didn't really react to it.

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If Souders and Petersen really do have a master plan for the entire season, I'm all for it. I just hope it doesn't result in having to sacrifice Chloe for Clark to become Superman.
I have a feeling though that is the route they're going to take.
That idea has been around for years. End of season 3 - house explodes with Chloe in it. She must be dead! Nope.

It came up again, most predominately, during last season when it was widely reported that two cast members would die, one of which being male and the other's gender being a secret.
OK, this brings me the weakest part of the episode.

Supposedly, for Clark to release his inhibitions and achieve his full power, he has to let go of his attachments to human. There's a kind of sense there, and comes through clearly at the end when Chloe wants Clark to "save" Jimmy.

Clark has so much power, he can't play favourites. He can't save a friend and let a thousand people perish instead. And by the same logic, he can't go back in time and save Jimmy unless he's ready, willing and able to go back in time and save anyone and everyone that could possibly be saved. And of course that's ridiculous to even conceive of.

So Jor El has a good point. Where it becomes totally weak though is that Clark has some kind of attachment to Lois. The Lois Lane he dumped and forgot about last season the second Lana Lang walked in the door. The Lana Lang that Clark would run to in a second if she wasn't encased in a kryptonite suit.

If there is/was anyone in the series that Clark had to let go of in order to move on and achieve his full potential, it was Lana. We've never seen him actually let go of her, walk away of his own choice because he understands that it's going no where and holding him back from, not just his destiny, but even just being himself, instead of being a puppy dog following his mistress around.

His feelings for Lois were still essentially a "work in progress". He likes her. He could finish growing up and reach the point where he can like her, but put his responsibilities to the world first. We haven't seen him reach a "Lana-scale-obsession" with Lois.

So an episode that has a lot of potential to move the story and character forward, falls flat for me. The writers did this themselves, painted themselves into a corner with that unnecessary and abominable Lana arc last season.

Now they seem to be pretending Lana never happened. Good. I think I will too.
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